Monday, November 30, 2015

Ripatrazone on Writers Who Run

I've linked to Nick Ripatrazone's work before. He's a jack-of-all-trades: a high school teacher, father to young children, fiction writer, and compiler of an interview series with Catholic authors, among other things. In other words, he's my much-more-accomplished doppelganger: he inhabits many of the worlds that I dabble in, and has quickly become one of the preeminent voices at the intersection of faith and fiction.

If our interests and roles couldn't overlap more, I've just discovered that Nick, like me, is a runner. I ran distance in high school and college before settling into an off-again, on-again training schedule. Check out his most recent essay in The Atlantic, "Why Writers Run." Nick's own webpage is here.

My own blogging has been sparse of late, as some additional duties at school have kept me busier than normal. I hope to have a real post up soon!

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